Dutch & Dewey Distillery invites you to taste our small-batch, hand-crafted, naturally gluten-free, and sustainably made spirits that are entirely distilled and bottled on-premise in Humboldt County, California and Certified Craft Distilled Spirits* from the American Distillng Institute. “Taste the Spirit of the Farm.”©.

Purchase our spirits from a variety of venues in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, California, USA and on-line through Myrtlewood Liquors for shipment elsewhere.

Humboldt County's first gin is in (May 2016)! What happens when seven premium gin aficionados and a master distiller come together to craft a classic dry gin? You get Horse Mountain Gin. Our Farm Horse vodka is vapor phase infused in the still designed and manufactured by the owner/distiller that gently extracts the essential oils and compounds from the ten botanicals and produces carefully balanced, smooth, and complex tastes and aromas. Sip it neat, over ice, or as the star ingredient in your favorite cocktail. Distilled from cane sugar. No artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives. Award winner in the American Distilling Institute's 2016 Annual Judging of Spirits.

Our Farm Horse Vodka is a smooth, sipping vodka made with ultra-pure local captured rain water. Its smoothness is attained by the purifying capabilities of the still (no carbon filtration needed) and it is quadruple-distilled to 191.2 proof to ensure the highest purity and best flavor and then diluted to 80-proof. Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s vodka embodies the return of real vodka to a marketplace saturated with both vodka made from neutral grain spirits (mass-produced ethanol devoid of flavor and character) and a myriad of flavored vodkas. More than one customer has commented that “this is a vodka for whiskey drinkers” (smooth and without a harsh taste or feel). Award winner in the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 2016 American Distilling Institute's Annual Judging of Spirits.

Introduced in July 2015, our Old Town Eureka Coffee Liqueur is a custom blend of cold-brewed Old Town Coffee & Chocolate’s Organic Custom-Roasted Coffee, Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s Farm Horse Vodka, a minimal amount cane sugar for a touch of sweetness, and a hint of vanilla. The resulting product is distilled at 25% alcohol (50% proof) so the coffee liqueur can be enjoyed by itself, with a splash of cream (Dutch & Dewey’s favorite), or to enhance cocktails. Award winner in the American Distilling Institute's 2016 Annual Judging of Spirits.

  Introduced in November 2015, our Limoncello di Pacifica (a lemon liqueur full of liquid Pacific Coast sunshine). It is a premium all-natural lemon liqueur artisan-crafted with hand-zested organic Eureka lemons, infused with Rocky's Ridge Vineyard brandy, and lightly sweetened with simple syrup. Taste the purity of the lemons and feel its smoothness in the mouth. Serve well-chilled, over ice, or to enrich the taste and aroma of other drinks.

*The American Distlling Institute's requirements to be designated are: Craft spirits are the products of an independently-owned distillery with maximum annual sales of 52,000 cases where the product is PHYSICALLY distilled and bottled on-site. To be a Certified Craft Distilled Spirit: 1. Distilled by the DSP: The spirit must have been run through a still by a certified craft producer, and the TTB-approved label must state “Distilled By” followed by the name of the DSP. 2. Independently-Owned: Less than 25% of the craft distillery (distilled spirits plant or DSP) is owned or controlled (or equivalent economic interest) by alcoholic beverage industry members who are not themselves craft distillers. 3. Small-Scale: Maximum annual sales are less than 100,000 proof gallons. 4. Hands-on Production: Craft distillers produce spirits that reflect the vision of their principal distillers using any combination of traditional or innovative techniques including fermenting, distilling, re-distilling, blending, infusing or warehousing.