My name is Jeff St John and during my grandfather’s days in western Pennsylvania farmers worked hard, lived sustainably, and transformed surplus crops into the “spirit of the farm.”© His heritage continues in me as I handcraft spirits in the mountains of Northern California from captured rainwater and using an off-the-grid solar– and hydro-powered, and sustainably run distillery. The small batch fractionating stills were designed and built by me to produce premium spirits. Dutch & Dewey Distillery's flagship product is its Farm Horse Vodka that is delightful for sipping and suitable for mixing (first released in November 2013). Our spirits are entirely produced, distilled, and bottled on-premise in Humboldt County, California and are Certified Craft Distilled Spirits from the American Distilling Institute.. Learn more about Our Story.

We also distill brandy for our sister venture Rocky's Ridge Vineyard where you can enjoy our syrah, port-style wines, and eau-de-vie-de-vin (unaged brandy).